About Diane

Diane is a passionate advocate of clear communication. Talking, simply talking, can help us make sense of that sometimes troublesome, confusing and perplexing thing we call ‘life’ … in other words, shed light on it. Working with what presents today in our lives can lead to a deep understanding of how we find ourselves in a place we did not expect, how we ‘work’ in the world and how we can, with assistance, accept and work towards changing our life direction and live with more freedom, choice and joy.

s a uniquely skilled Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Diane brings a broad professional repertoire and understanding of corporate culture to her work, following 25 years’ experience in the corporate publishing industry.

Diane uses a holistic approach to therapy and is trained in Process Oriented Psychology. Additional training and experience in Grief, Substance Use, Addiction and Relationships, enable Diane to assist you to nurture personal and professional relationships in our fast-paced world. In this way you can develop, establish, and sustain relationships that foster collaboration and co-operation.

Diane has completed postgraduate training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a Trauma-informed therapist, Systemic and Family Constellation practitioner, and has also undertaken extra training and professional development in EMDR, Gestalt, and Process Work.  This intensive study and on-going Professional Development and Supervision assist and enhance her knowledge of human behaviour.

Psychotherapy is about deep personal change and growth and together with a holistic counselling approach Diane welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Why did this have to happen? How will I go on? How can I go on? I can’t take this for much longer …the distress and anxiety are unbearable. We often find we are living our lives in quiet desperation. Be it grief, loss, relationship problems, all we see are lost opportunities. Ultimately, we become depleted.

Psychotherapy and counselling help validate experiences and provide a safe space to be open and authentic; to disclose the secrets and let light flow in; to address the fight, flight or freeze cycle.

Counselling is about partnership, and psychotherapy is about working with your emotions and feelings, gently directing them to a longer, deeper and more spacious perspective of your life and life experience. Rumi’s poem, The Guest House, gives a powerful analogy:

Systemic and Family Constellation

Diane is a trained Systemic and Family Constellation Practitioner. This work acknowledges the impact our family system has on our lives, particularly ancestrally. This extraordinary way of working allows respect to be present for all members of the family system –no one is excluded.

A powerful process, it allows the individual to find their place in the family system. This offers clear insights and understanding about the past, at the same time allowing us to be present to our lives today and to move into the future with clarity.


Business, work, and our relationships within these frameworks present their own unique set of challenges; we can choose to be a leader with integrity, give 100%, or simply pass the time waiting for our salary. What if we were really passionate and enthusiastic about our work and the people with whom we spend a large part of the lives?

Utilising the Thinking Partnership Program we can be directed to our next steps with clarity.

Mentor on Addictions and Substance Use

Diane has significant experience mentoring and working with people and families affected by addiction – alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and work.

Addiction is progressive and can be fatal. It is a family disease that destroys families and other close relationships.

By remaining in denial, the problem will continue to spiral out of control.  Awareness and action  are the first step in the journey of recovery for all involved.


Diane has been influenced by Gestalt therapy. ‘Gestalt’ is a German word, which roughly translated, means ‘the whole’. It implies wholeness and comes from a place of curiosity about the client’s life experience, promoting healing and wholeness.

The emphasis is not only on talking about what has happened, but fully experiencing what is (right now), and allowing the emergence of possibility and change. I have found this to be a gentle and enlightening way of working

Diane has helped me see things in a new light

Diane has helped me see things in a new light. I understand myself a lot better and don’t judge myself to be different and unique or less than. We have worked through a lot of issues that were blocking me from really being the person I am meant to be. With Diane’s help I can handle things in a much better way. Where once I was immobilized and had difficulty making decisions, which were in my best interests, I now feel I am able to take whichever path is appropriate. I have a new found confidence in myself.
Joanne, Stylist
age 45

Di has an intuitive ability, which helped me get to the heart of issues

In my therapy sessions, Di has an intuitive ability, which helped me get to the heart of issues that have been plaguing me for many years. Her manner of offering therapy has allowed for flexibility, and at times, when I needed it to be, challenging and thought provoking. Di is a compassionate listener and a talented therapist, and I would highly recommend her to others without hesitation.
Helen, Religious
age 50

Di gently yet firmly helped me tune into that part of me

Di gently yet firmly helped me tune into that part of me that I needed to renegotiate a difficult relationship with an abusive parent. Her authenticity as a psychotherapist gifted me the emotional safety to express deeply held grief. Then together we practised the words that helped me create self-affirming boundaries. Using both grit and humour, Di’s fierce loving presence enabled me to pick up my sword of self-love.
Simone, Psychotherapist/ Psycho educator
age 48

Di has been an invaluable mentor, coach …

Di has been an invaluable mentor, coach and source of wisdom to me for over 7 years. I have benefited immensely from her insight and guidance as I have navigated through significant life events, from marriage to motherhood to taking on new career opportunities. She has helped me gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself. Through her coaching, I’ve been able to move through my fears towards truly realizing my potential.
Penelope, Senior International Executive
age 43

I find Di Young to be emphatic and objective …

I find Di Young to be emphatic and objective, a great listener who gives me well-rounded options and frank, pragmatic advice. Working with Di, I have been able to move forward through childhood and family issues; and gain clarity around situations I have been stuck in for many years. I feel I am achieving a great deal of personal growth with ongoing sessions
William, Trainer/Lecturer
age 53

I have found an easy place to land

Having worked with Diane throughout my recovery from addiction, I have found an easy place to land. Life sometimes deals us hardships and I have needed guidance to work through my own demons and to walk into a new way of living. Diane has been instrumental in my ‘not giving up’ and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Melissa, Business Development Manager
age 37


Our desire to be heard and validated in life is critical to our well being when life becomes difficult or challenging and changes are on the horizon.

Diane’s practice is located in Balmain in Sydney’s Inner West. Diane welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Email Diane at diane@dianeyoung.com.au if you would like to ask any questions prior to booking an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have. To book a 60 or 90-minute consultation, the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page is the easiest method to use. We are located in Balmain in Sydney’s Inner West. Diane is available for face-to-face or
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